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Basketball Diaries: Atlanta Hawks 1986/87

December 7, 2018

Whilst Pat Riley’s Showtime Lakers were running teams off the court during the 1986/87 NBA season on their way to another title, over on the East Coast a young Atlanta Hawks team were thrilling fans alike with their own high tempo attack. A pre hair piece Mike “Czar OF The Telestrator” Fratello & young GM Stan Kasten had put together a strong roster of veterans lead by high flying scoring machine Dominique Wilkins and exuberant youngsters lead by guards Doc Rivers & Spud Webb.


Wilkins had established himself as an All-NBA player and would finish the season 2nd in the league in scoring at 29 points per game (Jordan averaged a preposterous 37.1) & seemed to raise his game when the likes MJ & Larry Bird came to town. There’s loads to enjoy here , Spud & Dominique putting on a dunking display at Magic Johnson’s charity game, Kevin Willis rapping along to the Beastie Boys, Dominique’s mom Gertrude lying through her teeth and a young & dopey looking John “Contract” Koncak. Enjoy.



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by Pick and Roll