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NBA Week 7 Guide

November 28, 2017

If the threat of Jeremy Hunt trying to Americanise the National Health Service wasn’t enough, a nation that stupidly voted for Brexit now face the constant sensory bombardment of consumer holidays that aren’t really a thing in the UK being rammed down our throat every time we access the internet or check our emails at the end of November.

B***k Friday & C***r Monday can go fuck themselves as far as we are concerned. Silly season always began on the 1st Day Of December in Britain and although we despise the commercial elements of Christmas with a Frank Constanza like passion, we accept this date as a marker for men to wear awful knitwear and will use it as an excuse to drink industrial quantities of Aldi branded fake Baileys cream whilst waddling towards the new year in spirited fashion.

The NBA seemingly pay no attention to such rituals and have once again tried to get a jump on “Silly Season”. The Memphis Grizzlies have fired their coach for reasons known only to themselves and possibly Marc Gasol, a former MVP is seemingly considering retirement at just 29 years old. Demarcus Cousins thinks he’s a point guard, the Clippers are literally falling apart & Gerald Green is still not on an NBA roster. Thanks to our Transatlantic cousins silly season is already in full swing. Once again we aim to be your weekly guide for NBA viewing in the UK.

Tuesday 28th November:

MIAMI @ CLEVELAND (CLE -6) (00.00)

DENVER @ UTAH (UTA -3.5) (03.00 – wed) BT Sport 1

Wednesday 29th November


GOLDEN STATE @ L.A. LAKERS (GSW -8.5) (03.30 – thur) BT Sport 1

Thursday 30th November:

PHILADELPHIA @ BOSTON (BOS -8.5) (00.30 – fri)

MILWAUKEE @ PORTLAND – (POR -5.5) (03.00 – fri) BT Sport 1

Friday 1st December:

MINNESOTA @ OKLAHOMA CITY  (OKC -5)  (01.00 – sat) BT Sport 3

Sunday 3rd December:

ORLANDO @ NEW YORK  (NYK -4)  (20.30) BT Sport 3

Monday 4th December:

GOLDEN STATE @ NEW ORLEANS  (GSW -2.5)  (01.00 – tue) BT Sport 2

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